Stefan's Insights: July 2009
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#Twitter4Business is a good overview for organizations to learn about what twitter is. It further includes best practices and case studies. Worth checking out.

Another mile stone on the way to the MARATHON

The Lone Cypress,  17 Mile Drive (#12)

Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

Last Saturday, 5:30am – I am looking out the window and rain, thunder and lightning are making a clear statement about the weather conditions. I am getting prepared for the long run today anyway – 17 Miles. Like the one in California that every tourist drives along with their card.. except I will be running it step by step this morning.

So I am mixing gatorade power in my 4 water bottles. I have a bowl of cereal, so my body has something to burn. I pack a backpack with additional bandaids, cremes, and stuff to change.

Running hat, running cloth, switching the running interval on the watch, check, check, check.

I know it will be tough towards the end of the run. My running group and me ran the 14 miler two weeks ago, but I also upped my mileage during the week.

My advise to everybody running this distance the first time – be as well prepared as you can, then think of something that keeps your mind busy. In my case it is the constant time and pace checking since I am the running group lead – it keeps your mind busy… And then I found myself at the end of the 17 miles, yes my legs hurt a bit, but I was exstatic ! I just ran this unbelievable distance !!!

This was a mental milestone for me, I think that if I can do 17, I can do 26.2 miles !

If you are reading this, please consider helping me with a donation for the AIDS foundation using this link. The fundraising deadline and the marathon are approaching quickly and your support is very important. Thank you !

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John Cleese on ‘Wine for the Confused’

Hilarious piece of HULU video ! John Cleese in his dry british humor on the search for the right words to describe Wine for the layman. 45 minutes of really interesting learnings on the different kind of wines, leaving you with a solid understanding of the basis and tempted to just open that bottle you just bought from Trader Joe’s :-).

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