Stefan's Insights: June 2009
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United We Serve..

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Please RT #UnitedWeServe President calls on all Americans to serve communities

..I am running in the rain…

Saturday morning.. around 8:30am.. I arunning in the rainm running.. running in the rain.. and I like it !!! Today is our 12 mile

run.. and knock on wood, things are going just fine.

No muscle cramps, no pains, not short on breath. The only thing

Image by otomatuah [so tired] via Flickr

annoying is the water stream running off the front of my hat.

It is pouring, soaking everybody

running this morning in not too cold water.. add some wind blowing against you into it.. WHAT MADE ME DO THIS ? Oh, I remember – the good cause, the opportunity to make an important statement, and at the same time get fit, make a healthy living joice. Better running in the rain, then sitting in a doctors office...

One note on my fundraising – less than a month to go and I am still over $2000 away from my goal. Please help me achieve the goal of $3500 by July 10th ! Any contribution counts ! Thank you