Stefan's Insights: October 2007
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For all you international callers.. this is seriously cool !

Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Ultimate Yak4ever hack for International Free Calls

Are you still looking for Free International Calls, especially when Jaduka VOIP now has issue with free calls after they updated their system (guess they read my hack). You left with Yak4ever as the only solution? The post was read by over 1500 people worldwide on the very first date it was posted. I am sure yak4ever would have had tough time to manage their servers for signups.

Did you bite your nails when you couldn't get through the Yak4ever signup process? Remember, That long wait after 24 hrs? Well, it was perhaps because, it was one of most successful launch of a "Free International Call" service lately and literally sign ups were wild and my guess it was in the 6 digits atleast. So till everyone gets their access numbers, it seems it will take some time.

VOIP Guide is here for rescue. This ultimate little hack (Exclusively available on VOIP Guide only) will let you bypass the slow registration process at Yak4ever. No more 24 hours wait, No more extensions to be saved, no more limit for 10 extensions and unlimited free calls, what else you can dream of?

Dial the access number you received upon registration

1. When you asked for your Authorization code enter 1550# (1550 pound sign)

2. You will then be asked to enter destination number

3. Enter number in country code+Area Code+Phone number format.

4. Please do not enter 011

5. This gives us unlimited destinations and does not depend on extensions and of course Unlimited Free Calls

Of course, this hack will be limited to countries available for FREE on yak4ever.

I also noticed that Pat Phelan of Yak4ever also posted another handy workaround to make free calls from USA & Canada.

According to Pat, this handy little service called BoK is a simple call-back service, if you send a SMS to BoK (with yak4ever access number), then will call you back as incoming call. Sounds great? If confused, follow the pictorial for help.

BoK is currently in closed beta, however am trying to get some private invites, will update soon.

There is an upside to the falling dollar ?

Well, isn't that interesting ? I would have not though of looking at it this way, but it makes sense.

"The Upside of the Falling Dollar

But underneath the numbers, the currency shift and diminishing value of the dollar has given Pepsi - and many other globally focused U.S. companies - a strong and steady tailwind. The dollar’s fall against currencies around the world is driving down the overseas prices of U.S. exports, and driving up export sales. That’s helped stabilize the U.S. manufacturing job base.

For Pepsi, "favorable foreign currency upsides allowed us to reinvest in several international markets in the quarter," Nooyi said in a company statement.

And the falling dollar opens many other doors for U.S. investors to profit. Not just riding the coattails of internationally moving American companies like Pepsi, Yum! Brands Inc. (YUM) and Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), but by investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and in foreign currencies gaining on the dollar."

Money Morning » Blog Archive » Pepsi’s Stellar 3Q Gains Fueled By International Growth and Falling Dollar