Stefan's Insights: April 2009
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2nd day of training

Chicago Lakeshore

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Monday, 4/27/9

Running with the group at work for a 5 mile along the Lakeshore. I am caught off guard on how humid it is and end up huffing and puffing and walking the last 1/2 mile back to the office.

Lesson learned – i have to adjust my speed based on weather conditions, and drink more water when the temperature is higher.

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Official Marathon training started on Saturday !

NYC Marathon 2008 - the winner! Brasil

Image by Marcos Vasconcelos Photography via Flickr

Saturday morning – 7 am. Oh boy, it is early and I am on my way to meet others that have signed up to run the Marathon in Maui in support of the efforts of the Aids Foundation.

I was surprised to find about 60 others to be there. The more I listened to them explaining how things work (slowly building up, run & walk at your pace), the more confident I became that my age and ‘ring of experience’ around my waistline will not hold me back to achieve this ambitious (26.2 miles) goal.

We started with a 3 mile run at your own leisure pace to determine who else runs at your speed and to bring them together as a running group.

I am getting excited about this. Fundraising is a bit new to me, but I am sure that I will learn. I even set up a ning social networking group ( for the runners to be able to connect to each other online and share their experiences and lessons learned.

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Thoughts on ‘Connected-ness’

Thought about some statement that friends made about being online often isolates someone from the ‘real’ world.

My experience is the opposite. I have never been as connected as I am now, where I talk to Network of testimonials: flickr's social networka lot of people in person, as well as online.

For example, I re-connected with people from Germany, old friends and working colleagues, who otherwise would not run into me in person.

Used appropriately and with caution, being connected can be a wonderful help in establishing, keeping and/or re-establishing human connection.