Stefan's Insights: November 2010
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Notre Dame coach defends program in wake of attack allegation
I am evaluating to switch from Blogger to Tumblr. Not that Blogger is bad, but Tumblr allows for audio, video and photo posting very easily, has a dedicated iphone/ipod app for mobile blogging, allows for a secured access blog, and finally works with all my blogging tools (like Scribefire in Firefox) perfectly. Check it out:

Talking about mobile productivity tools..

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Two things I am now looking at to be able to share and collaborate on the road (not while driving though !):
  • Mighty Meeting. A tool available for web, iphone/ipad, and android allowing everyone to watch a powerpoint presentations held from everywhere.
  • FreeConference calling. To be able to have a free phone conference any time any where.
  • Google Docs (with mobile editing). Just released. Now you can work on Word and Excel documents together, while you are on the train or waiting at the dentists office (:-)).
Worth checking out.

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Google publishing '20things I learned about browsers and the web'

Well, just how cool is this ? Google brings out a children's style book to each the average person about all things Internet. LONG OVERDUE. As much as the Internet has grown and become part of more and more peoples lifes, the general understanding about it has not grown at the same rate. Who doesn't know anybody who says 'the internet is down', when there computer doesn't work or the web-browser crashes ? :-).

I think it is very smart and helpful to provide a means for the general public to better understand what the web is about and how it works. Not in all detail - just enough to understand the good, bad and ugly of its existence and use. Being able to understand how computer viruses work in their basics, helps to understand not to open attachments and execute them because you are curious.