Stefan's Insights: 2011
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I want a duet with Susan Boyle and this young fellow.. check it out..

Remember Susan Boyle ? (sorry, couldn't embed, youtube disabled it for this video).

Well, Korea has the answer:

Amazing, isn't it ? 

But he only made second in the finals. Guess who won ?

I am definitely a Sung-Bong fan. Pavarotti would be proud of him !

This is so cool series - Music made with iPhones and iPads

A new area of making music is in full swing. Using touch devices, supported with amazing software puts becoming a rockstar literally at everybodies fingertips ! Check out these videos:


go get your ipad - and start jamming !

Eurozone crisis–possible resolutions

BBC News just posted an interesting article reviewing the possible outcomes of the current Eurozone crisis


This is a really good overview. What is likely to happen ? No idea. One thing is for sure – it may not be a good idea for Greece to default !

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The progression of 3D printing capabilities–WATCH OUT for what it will be able to do

3D printing capabilities are getting better and better. Every couple of weeks a new article is published with new innovation in this regard.

imageNow this technology is close to being able to ‘print’ computers. Imagine the impact on manufacturing  - no more outsourcing ??? Just print it at home ??

Some thoughts to consider.

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