Stefan's Insights: April 2015
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Learn - anytime, anywhere with mobile learning courses!

The use of mobile learning in the military is ...

The use of mobile learning in the military is becoming increasingly common due to low cost and high portability. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The InsightKnowledge Blog is now offering an exciting new capability!

  • InsightKnowledge is now offering online learning courses ! What sets InsightKnowledge’s learning courses apart from the competition is that you can take them anytime, anywhere on any mobile device ! The courses are formatted to be taken on small screens, can be used with your touchscreen interface and upon successfully completing the final test – you will get a certificate !

  • Even more exciting is that you can also become a mobile learning course author ! Create courses on any topic of your choosing and sell them for a price you determine. Creating courses is very simple – if you can use powerpoint, you can create an online learning course. Try it this example course. Use to ‘pay’ for it (no real transaction will happen!). If you are interested, please let me know and I can give you an introduction and also explain the revenue model.

  • After researching and evaluating market offerings, the InsightKnowledge Blog has moved to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) run by RamNode offering reliable and high-speed services. The effect is that you are experiencing a much faster and smoother navigation.