Stefan's Insights: September 2008
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Trying to find some solid advice on what to do during this financial crisis

LONDON - APRIL 16:  A copy of the U.S. Edition...Image by Getty Images via Daylife I do think it is a good idea to read international newspapers in comparison with local/national US newspapers. The Guardian just posted an interesting article on their website, where Larry Elliot talks in a video about advice on the financial market situation. Worth to checkout.
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Got soaked !

While the storm itself wasnt all that strong here in Park Ridge, it just kept pooring... Checkout the picture.. this is just a block down from us Posted from moBlog – mobile blogging tool for Windows Mobile

Thought on personal growth - Better presentations

Visualization of the various routes through a ...Image via Wikipedia Reading my newsgator rss feeds, I saw this article and this is is an interesting piece of information to share: Business Week on Storytelling to strengthen your presentation. It makes the statement, that human brains are more wired to listen to stories than they are for lots of analytics and information.

Well, I did a quick search on Google (for the modern generation - I 'googled' it): Search on Human Brain wired for stories - and was astounded on how many things we are wired for.

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