Stefan's Insights: And you thought your IPHONE is cool ?
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And you thought your IPHONE is cool ?

Ina and mobile phoneImage via WikipediaCheck this article out. Apparently the next generation of phones you will be able to wave at, point at, do other things and it will react. Interesting potentials ! And best of all - no more smeared interface :-).

GestureTek: A New Way of Interacting With a Phone, which puts Wii-like capabilities into mobile phones. The company’s software allows a camera-enabled device to recognize gestures. What’s so cool about this new way of menu navigation is that it doesn’t require an accelerometer or an expensive camera to work. The software uses frame-rate speed to measure movement. The resulting device can allow an elderly person who lost her glasses to dial 911, or it can help a small child dial mom. It can also allow for some really fun mobile game play.

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