Stefan's Insights: October 2010
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Life's Lessosn Learned of Today: How to delete a 'obnoxiously' re-appearing TV Show from iTunes

I happen to be a recent owner of an iPod Touch 4G. This is a longer story and going to be a different post. One of the things I do is to subscribe to free content on iTunes. I subscribed to a free pilot show, watched it and then deleted it from the iTunes list of TV shows. To my surprise, it reappeared uploaded from the iPod again. Since there is no command to delete it from the iPod directly, I was at a loss. Now i tried the following - delete it from iTunes, then sync, and when it warns you that non-sync content will be deleted from the iPod, say yes (!). Make sure you synced before, deleted the show again, and the only thing different is the one show. That will get rid of it. Gee, could be easier, couldn't it ?