Stefan's Insights: The Fundraising-Party was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Fundraising-Party was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AIDS Marathon Training Program

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First of all – Chief O’Neills is a great place to have a party ! Thank you all at Chief’s for your help and support !

Given that there is a lot of things going on at work, I struggled to get to my own party on time :-). I just made it to the official start at 7pm – being greeted by my working colleagues who already were there enjoying themselves LOL.

I checked in with the owner, the event coordinator and the staff to make sure everything is ready to go, set up my door table to give out the little ticket stubs in return for a donation. The staff had put a little round glass vase on the table – which turned out to become the donation container :-).

I laid out the drawing block and the different color markers I bought, to allow people to draw and doodle about this event or about running in general.

The band came and set themselves up on the little stage in the room I had available for this event. This room was perfect.. it was in the middle of the building.. doors to keep it private.. its own bar (!).. a little stage.. and access to the beergarden.

The evening progressed nicely. People continued to drop in (and donate), sat down… some had food (which by everybody was considered really good) and enjoyed hanging out. The band really amazed everybody.. They are fantastic.. At the end of event, even the staff said that they would love to get the band back on a weekend.

Although the overall donation amount (after counting expenses off) wasn’t what i had hoped for..  I knew that everybody had had a great time.

I will post pictures soon.. likely after I come back from the marathon and have the time to work on putting everything together.

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