Stefan's Insights: Researching Shin Splint and CHI Running
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Researching Shin Splint and CHI Running

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As I now know (learning by experience LOL), there are quite a few runners that eventually deal with 'shin splint', a condition that causes pain on the front of your lower legs, in short because you are training too hard. I had bummed up my midweek mileage from 4-5 to 8 miles every other day and after the second week experienced this weird kind of pinch/pain, in this area that i didnt know i have muscles at :-).

so now i had to give it a couple of days rest.. missed my 20miler weekend run (sorry running group, i really missed running with you!), but am recovering very well, trying to get back on track within the next week or so. my advise - dont force it, listen to your body, inform yourself and learn. this is not only for the short-term, but for the long-term and improvement of your health and your life-style, not just a short-term win.

i told a friend about my marathon preparation and the shin splint issue, and he told me about CHi running. Now i am checking it out and it seems very interesting.. Would love to hear comments from anybody who is using/practicing it and how it worked out for you.

a couple of links on the topic: